kumatux.org is a GNU solution to installing programs in a GNU/Linux environment without root priviledges, anywhere, without messing up your system in case something goes wrong.

With kumatux.org any user without root privileges can install any program.

With kumatux.org you can install any program in any location on your GNU system.

kumatux.org doesn't modify any system files. It doesn't touch the base underlying system, i.e. the system stays COMPLETELY clean, you can have a number of versions of the same app installed at the same time, you can upgrade, downgrade easily, you can run different versions of any app at any time.

This is commandline software, so you need to be comfortable working in the CLI, not a beginner.

kumatux.org lets you install programs on your system easily, without installation, just copy.

kumatux.org can be used on any architecture, doesn't require installation, and gives you great power with respect where to put any program on any GNU system. You can have multiple versions of the same program installed, each user can have a different version, each program can be easily removed, without affecting the stability of the root system. It works on any GNU system, I use it to install and run almost 100% of apps on the Nokia N900, as well as my GNU PC.

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