kumatux.org will install easily on proper GNU systems, requiring no root privileges, and no messing about.

Note: For systems without full GNU bash and coreutils, using only the damn busybox, like the Nokia N900 GNU mobile phone, a slight modification is required. Therefore: Nokia N900 install.

To install kumatux.org:

  1. Download the latest version;
  2. Extract the archive anywhere. It'll create a kumatux.org directory. Extract it to where you want to leave it, as it'll be accessed on every login, to setup the proper PATH and other system variables. Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, just extract it in your home directory.
  3. From the kumatux.org directory run kumatux.org-setup
    If you run the setup without parameters, it'll create ~/kumatux.org-root and ~/kumatux.org-links and place the links to the programs you will install later in these directories. If you wish to have these directories created elsewhere, run the setup with parameters, for info see kumatux.org-setup -h
  4. Relogin or source the ~/.profile file via:
    $ . ~/.profile


You can just reinstall it with kumatux.org/kumatux.org-setup over the old system, it'll create the additional link directories needed and keep your linked kumatux.org stuff.


$ ./kumatux.org/kumatux.org-setup -h