2010-10-28-215252 Added openssl to Applications
2010-09-07-183858 Added imagemagick 6.6.4-0 for Nokia N900 to Applications
2010-09-07-140000 Uploaded kumatux.org version 1.5.2 to Download;
2010-09-06-171111 Uploaded kumatux.org version 1.5.1, fixing an install error in version 1.5, to Download;
2010-09-04-073439 Updated FAQ;
2010-09-04-073231 Updated Manual with dependency-testing info;
2010-09-04-072916 Updated Install with new-version-reinstallation info;
2010-09-03-221210 Uploaded kumatux.org version 1.5, a MAJOR upgrade to Download;
2010-09-03-221210 Fixed Applications to properly list all dependencies of ImageMagick and added these;
2010-07-10-231900 Added GNU Emacs with all dependencies to Applications
2010-05-02-175111 Added guile_1.9.10 to Applications;
2010-05-02-175111 Added fixed xbindkeys_1.8.3 to Applications;
2010-04-28-210700 Added slingshot_0.8.1p-r2 to Applications;
2010-04-03-163555 Uploaded kumatux.org version 1.4 to Download;
2010-03-23-110800 Updated Nokia N900 install to reflect version 1.3;
2010-03-23-110700 Updated Install to reflect version 1.3;
2010-03-23-110600 Uploaded kumatux.org version 1.3 to Download;
2010-03-23-092817 Updated Nokia N900 install;
2010-03-22-200000 Added GNU Emacs for i386 debian-unstable to Applications;
2010-03-22-194000 Added libxmu 1.0.5 for N900 to Applications;
2010-03-21-231111 Added GNU Emacs for N900 to Applications;
2010-03-19-204000 Added the Contact page;
2010-03-19-203555 Added GNU Emacs for N900 to Applications;
2010-03-19-203555 Added this `What's new' page;
2010-03-16-174444 This site went online as a GNU Emacs / Muse based website;